what does the term comparator sourcing mean!
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As the price and complication of global clinical studies raises, and the amount of biosimilar studies continues to grow, the accessibility of comparator goods can make or break your clinical trials supply chain. The clinical study is basically research studies involving persons.

The medical supply company examines that whether the particular treatment given to a patient is safe or not. And if it is safe then how it works. It is a method of detecting, preventing and treating disease. The treatment involves a drug or any combination of drugs. There are different expressions which are used to define clinical studies. These include research and trials, clinical trials or protocols. People take part and execute investigations that eventually picture the improved techniques of detecting a disease, treatment and understanding of all problems occurs in human disease.


There are some services which are provided by comparator sourcing. These are:

  • Sourcing policy asking.
  • Reference Samples Sourcing Supervision for structuring up the reference library.
  • Single point of contact for continuous comparator services
  • Regulatory skill and market aptitude
  • Growth of global and modified incorporated planning for blinding, sourcing, packaging, storage, labeling, and allocation of the drug.

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